Task Force – Lessons learned

I was recently engaged to a task force work related to a new product that our company needed to get out to the customers fast. One of our permanent teams had been implementing the product among the other features and requests. The problem was that they were not able to implement it fully without other   →

Strategic actions for Nintendo

Vision: ”Improve peoples daily life with gaming” Mission: ”Provide non-violent gaming for all ages” Second company that I picked up to generate quick vision and mission is Nintendo. In the past years they have had difficulties in the gaming markets competing with two strong competitors in the gaming market which are Sony with their PlayStation   →

Strategic actions for Mercedes-Benz

Vision: ”Reduce the amount of cars in the world to 10% (from 1,2 billion cars to 120 million cars)” Mission: ”Everybody should be able to enjoy the Mercedes-Benz luxury!” As a part of improving my vision and strategy building skills, I have decided to pick interesting random companies and generate quick vision, mission and strategic   →

Design sprint: Day 3

Yesterdays sketches were awesome and everyone found out their valuable thing. It was fun but also hard to try to make clear what other participants have tried to represent in their pictures while having art museum. It was beneficial to spot the best things out of the other people (and own) sketches with the heat   →

Design sprint: Expectations and preparations

Lately, I (we) have focused more and more on underlying customer challenges and needs because of great book ”Inspired by Marty Cagan”. Book focuses how excellent product organizations are doing their stuff on a daily basis. We also started our reference customer program to gain better insights about their underlying problems. As a part of   →

Four steps to move things forward

I’ve been aware of David Allen’s book ”Getting things done: The art of stress-free productivity” way too long and two weeks ago I managed to start reading it. I found it really inspiring and hope I had read it earlier. In his book, Allen describes his method and how to use it in everyday life.   →