Strategic actions for Nintendo

Vision: ”Improve peoples daily life with gaming”

Mission: ”Provide non-violent gaming for all ages”

Second company that I picked up to generate quick vision and mission is Nintendo. In the past years they have had difficulties in the gaming markets competing with two strong competitors in the gaming market which are Sony with their PlayStation and Microsoft with their Xbox console. Both competitors are also having other offerings than their gaming platform compared to Nintendo. To be able to challenge the market, Nintendo has to do something with their more limited resources. Also next generation game consoles are developed currently and this is high resource high risk action that Nintendo should be consciously.


  • Strong characters like Pokemon, Mario and Zelda
  • Provides casual gaming for everyone


  • Selling two devices that are overlapping with their purpose
  • Traditional buy your own games concept


  • Successful game concepts in mobile phones like Pokemon go
  • Has developed strong gaming concepts


  • Not participating in the battle royale and e-sports genre
  • Are people willing to carry separate devices for gaming?

Based on the SWOT analysis Nintendo should not participate in the new generation console development. Instead the limited resources should be used to focus on game development and provide their games to all most common platforms. Most of the other game developers are using violence in their games. Most companies are focusing on the eSports and battle royale. Nintendo should focus on the casual gaming that provides fun and happy moments to peoples daily lives.

Immediate actions

  • Move from console manufacturer to game developer
  • Get rid of own hardware and deliver to other platforms
  • Promote safe and fun non-violent game contents