Design sprint: Day 3

Yesterdays sketches were awesome and everyone found out their valuable thing. It was fun but also hard to try to make clear what other participants have tried to represent in their pictures while having art museum.

It was beneficial to spot the best things out of the other people (and own) sketches with the heat map. There were diamonds next to common stuff in the sketches. I was in doubt that could this work if everyone can give as many dots as they liked to. Result was perfect and it was easy to spot the best things out of the sketches quickly and with one view.

After the voting we tried to summarize the sketches and have some speed critique. Most of the time went to summarize sketches and list up the main points from each one of them. After the critique every attendee was given one vote to place into sketches. These votes raised the best parts from the sketches and my I didn’t have hard time to place my super votes after the first votes.

After lunch time we run into trouble while trying to create storyboard out of the sketches. There was already identified risk that our business objectives and target market were not tightly related. We spent a significant amount of time to try to decide who would be the ones to have the demo for. I meant that the opening scene was almost impossible to draw.

Somehow we managed to draw storyboard but it was the most difficult task in the design sprint to create. We had picked three separate and voted drawing as a basis but it was still hard to find “fill the blanks” scenes for the story. That was the end and outcome from the day 3.