Design sprint day 2 – Tuesday

Tuesday was my favorite day so far in design sprint! There was problems of getting started on Monday, but work we did on Monday kicked us to sketch and mix the ideas. Some of the participants felt that there is some conflicts between our goal and point in the map we picked to be solved. Short discussion right after we started get us back on track to deliver sketches.

Lightning demos were excellent exercise to bring in different ideas to be used in the later phase. Ideas that everyone brought in were eye opening and this kind of discovery should be used more often. As a result we had 17 different kind of excellent ideas sketched on the whiteboard.

Divide or swarm was the most unclear and unstructured topic to be covered on Tuesday. Decision was not easy that should we all work together with the same topic or should we split up? Because of the different user perspectives, we decided to split up. One group started to think about how service is presented to users and other group focused how to make 3rd party development easier.

Crazy 8s was one of the most challenging but also most rewarding drill on Tuesday. The idea was to generate and sketch eight perspective, one per minute. It almost felt impossible, but somehow everyone ended up having eight ideas on the paper.

Solution sketch was the main outcome for Tuesday. There was plenty of time allocated to this exercise and some of us completed early. Solution sketch summarized the ideas I had prepared whole afternoon. I’m really eager to already start the Wednesday to see everyone’s sketches.