My AddHealth variables

Variable description:

  • Explanatory variable: You have a lot of energy (H1PF26)
  • Response variable: It was hard to get started doing things (H1FS18)

My explanatory variable measured respondents indicating their energy level within five level scale. These levels were 1) Strongly agree, 2) Agree, 3) Neither agree nor disagree, 4) Disagree and 5) Strongly disagree. Also values for 8) Don’t know and 9) Not applicable

Response variable measured respondents feeling and experience about having difficulties to get started doing things with four level scale: 0) Never or rarely, 1) Sometimes, 2) A lot of the time, 3) Most of the time or all of the time. Also values for 6) Refused and 8) Don’t know, was provided.

To manage my variables and data to stydy I coded out answers including ”Don’t know”, ”Not applicable” and ”Refused” to focus on answers indicating real values for these variables.