Five easy ways to beat procrastination


There are moments when you feel like even the smallest task to be done is like huge mountain to climb. Many times it strikes in the afternoon hours when your focus and willpower are temporarily decreased. I decided to find patterns how to beat this kind of procrastination and what are the simple actions to get you back on track.

What I found was somehow counter intuitive to how I have tried to deal with it before. Before this finding I was trying to force myself back on track and that dug me deeper in my procrastination. So I recognized five ways to get back going. Instead of forcing you to act, the idea is to temporarily letting go and giving your willpower muscle a break. So five things to do when you need some energy and motivation to get things done:

  1. Drink water – Many times it’s the dehydration what takes you down
  2. Read a book – When you trick your mind to focus something else you remember why you were doing something.
  3. Write – Write things that comes to your mind. Let go and put your thoughts on the paper (or screen)
  4. Stretch – Get the bloodstream flow and give your body some oxygen
  5. Move – Get yourself moving. It will affect your mental ability more than you think


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