Four steps to move things forward

I’ve been aware of David Allen’s book ”Getting things done: The art of stress-free productivity” way too long and two weeks ago I managed to start reading it. I found it really inspiring and hope I had read it earlier. In his book, Allen describes his method and how to use it in everyday life. Some parts of the detailed descriptions were unnecessary or outdated but there were real diamonds in between.

Allen gives detailed workflow how to manage your actions. It describes in detail how to turn your stuff into actions. I found it bit complicated and would summarize it in these four rules:

  1. Keep your mind empty and jot down every task, action or thing: Whatever comes to your mind needs to be put into your trusted system
  2. Inbox everything: Take easiest possible tool to create entries to be sorted and done later. Have also physical inbox for things!
  3. Do things in phases: When you are collecting tasks just collect, when you sorting or executing tasks just sort or execute. Having separate phases gives meaningful things to do when you are full of energy or when you are exhausted
  4. Ask ”What’s the next action?”: Many times entries are too generic or large to be done immediately. By asking ”what’s the next action?” recursively gives you the first doable action you can do right now

As said, this is just my summary to Allen’s methodology. By remembering these rules you can have a solid workflow to get started and get things done. But I also urge you to read the book to get the Allen’s detailed description into GTD.


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